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I want to call a webservice . I created a webservice client in netbeans, and gave WSDL url. It generated the classes for me. Where can I give the proxy details, and the ws authentication paramaeters.

WSDL generation goes on fine, but while executing the client it gives me error"HTTP status code 502: Proxy Error"

I am using java 1.7, netbeans 7.3

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Assuming that you are using JAX-WS, then this page in the NetBeans documentation says how to do it:

"3) ... If you are behind a firewall, you might need to specify a proxy server—otherwise the WSDL file cannot be downloaded. To specify the proxy server, click Set Proxy in the wizard. The IDE's Options window opens, where you can set the proxy universally for the IDE."

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Actually the WSDL is downloaded succesfully, by setting proxy in IDE. But the real problem is while running the client, It does take this setting. And it gives me a proxy error. Any suggestions please ? –  user2975971 Nov 11 '13 at 4:46

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