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I am coding in blueJ. My objectives are this: 1)Write a User class

A User:

has a username e.g 'fj3'
has a userType which can be: 'user', 'editor' or 'admin'
has a name e.g 'Francis'
has a constructor which takes the username, userType and name as parameters
has a getUsername() method
has a getUserType() method
has a getName() method
has a setUserType() method which takes one of the user types as a parameter 

2)Write a UserGroup class

The UserGroup class must have an ArrayList of Users.

Write a constructor for the UserGroup class. It should instantiate the ArrayList.

In UserGroup write a method called .addSampleData() which creates 10 Users and using the ArrayList's add() method put the 10 new User objects into the ArrayList.

In UserGroup write a getUser method which takes an int as a parameter and returns the User in that slot of the ArrayList.

In UserGroup write a printUsernames() method in UserGroup:

Using an enhanced for loop (see above), loop through the ArrayList and print the username and userType of each user in the ArrayList.

What I have so far is:

package user;
public class User{
    public enum UserType{                           

    private String id;                             
    private UserType userPermissions;               
    private String actualName;                      

    public User(String username, UserType userType, String name){
        id = username;
        userPermissions = userType;
        actualName= name;

    public String getUsername(){
        return id;

    public UserType getUserType(){
        return userPermissions;

    public String getName(){
        return actualName;

    public void setUserType(UserType input){
        userPermissions = input;

And my UserGroup class:

package user;
import java.util.*;
import user.User.UserType; 

public class UserGroup{

    private ArrayList<User> people;

    public UserGroup(){
        people = new Arraylist<User>();

    public static void addSampleData(String username, UserType userType, String name){
        people.add(new User(username, userType,name));

    public User get(int){
        return User; 

    public void printUsernames(){
        for (User user: groupArray){
            System.out.printf("%s %s\n", user.getUsername(), user.getuserType);

This is obviously far from being complete but I am completely stuck. My first problem is that I am unsure how to write the get method for this. Please help me with this!! I think my User class is fine but my UserGroup class is nowhere near completing all the objectives and I don't know how to do them!!

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Read the javadoc for List. There is a get() method. You should put a toString method into User rather than format it in the UserGroup. Also, consider implementing equals and hashcode as you might want to use method like indexOf etc... – Boris the Spider Nov 10 '13 at 11:21
Your get method in UserGroup class must be enhanced: give a name to the input parameter (get(int pos)), then return with the User record found in the right position of the ArrayList: return people.get(pos); – nistv4n Nov 10 '13 at 11:46
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Looks good so far, some corrections:

The addSampleData()method should not be static, as it uses a non-static member of the class. The request also states it to add the sample data itself.

The getUser() is pretty straight forward then.

The printUsernames()method uses an unknown member.

public void addSampleData() {
    people.add(new User("pe3", UserType.ADMIN,"Peter"));
    people.add(new User("u987", UserType.EDITOR,"Udo"));
    people.add(new User("frank123", UserType.USER,"Frank"));
    // repeat ...

public User getUser(int idx) {
    return people.get(idx); 

public void printUsernames(){
    for (User user: people){
        System.out.printf("%s %s\n", user.getUsername(), user.getuserType);

In a main method then:

UserGroup grp = new UserGroup();
User u1 = grp.getUser(0);
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thank you- when I did this it says "non-static variable people cannot be referenced from a static context." I removed static from addSampleData method and that compile time error disappeared but will this lead me to future problems? Would it be better to change private Arraylist<User> people to static? – user2973447 Nov 10 '13 at 11:55
you'd already answered my question =) – user2973447 Nov 10 '13 at 11:56
now I am getting a compiling error on my enhanced for loop saying cannot find symbol- method toArray()- how should I go about fixing this? – user2973447 Nov 10 '13 at 11:58
because you are using an unknown symbol (member variable) named groupArray. See my edited answer, you should use the people array. – Udo Klimaschewski Nov 10 '13 at 12:09
fixed a few other minor errors and it all compiles =) now when I try to run it it prints out the username and usertype 2 times- is there a reason for this? – user2973447 Nov 10 '13 at 12:19

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