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I seem to have a really unique problem with my visual studio 2010 installation. Before installing visual studio i installed SQL Server 2012 express and SQL Server Management Studio. After that i installed Visual Studio 2010 ultimate. The installation goes fine but after it is complete i can't find the application launch icons anywhere. the only new programs that are added are Microsoft Test Manager and Microsoft Visual Studio Documentation. Please Help me!

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You need to install the Service pack 1 for it to work! You can download it here

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I'm not sure which OS you are running but I'm using Windows 8, and I'm dealing with the same issue. I was able to start VS2010 by clicking on the SQL Server Data Tool icon (same as the VS2010 icon). I hope this helps!

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Not even in the directory under program files(x86)? You could try to open the installation again, if it detects Visual Studio it will ask you to repair the installation :)

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I right clicked on the .csproj file > open with >...

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Or search for SQL Server Data Tools – jabu.hlong May 3 at 13:07

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