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What is the simplest way to just iterate over ArrayList rows values?

For example I have two ArrayList:

ArrayList<Object> main = new ArrayList<Object>();
ArrayList<Object> row = new ArrayList<Object>();

I use two fors to add values into main. First I add row, then when row iterations end, I add it to main, and then repeat for another row etc. For example:

for(int i=0; i < somearray.length; i++){
  for(int j=0; j < somearray2.length; j++){
    if(somearray2[j] == true)


So now I get ArrayList filled with rows like I need. But later I need to iterate over rows values, not just rows themselves from main ArrayList. How can I do that? As I only see the method:

main.get(index), which let's me get a row, but nothing more.

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Yes then access them as: ((ArrayList<Object>)main.get(index)).get(index2);. But if you want all of your row element to be added to main array, you can make use of:

Collections.addAll(main, row.toArray());
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Thanks this helped –  Andrius Nov 10 '13 at 13:52

So, based on your description, main is not a list of Objects, but a list of lists. So it should be declared as

List<List<Object>> main = new ArrayList<>();

The iteration now becomes obvious:

for (List<Object> row : main) {
    for (Object element : row) {
        // do what you want here

This has the additional advantage of making your code type-safe: you won't be able to add, inadvertently, anything other than a List<Object> inside the main list.

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