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R version 3.0.1 (2013-05-16) for Windows 8 knitr version 1.5 Rstudio 0.97.551

I am using knitr to do the markdown of my R code. As part of my analysis I downloaded various data sets from the web, knitr is totally fine with getting data from http sites but from https ones where it generates an unsupported URL scheme message. I know when using the download.file function on a mac the method parameter has to be set to curl to get data from an https however this doesn't help when using knitr.

What do I need to do so that knitr will gather data from Https websites?

Edit: Here is the code chunk that returns an error in Knitr but when run through R works without error.

fileurl <- ""
download.file(fileurl, destfile = "C:/Users/xxx/yyy")
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possible duplicate of Read a CSV from github into R – Thomas Nov 10 '13 at 14:47
@Thomas thank you for the suggestion however this problem is not about getting R to read a file from a website, it is about getting Knitr to express the R code that reads a data file from a website. Using windows it is not an issue accessing Https sites with R however if you write markdown code with Knitr it becomes a problem. – Jonno Bourne Nov 10 '13 at 17:41
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You want something like this:

data <- getURL("",
               ssl.verifypeer=0L, followlocation=1L)

That reads the data into memory as a single string. You'll still have to parse it into a dataset in some way. One strategy is:


You can also separate out the data directly without writing to file:


Edit: A much easier option is actually to use the rio package:


This will read directly from the HTTPS URL and return a data.frame.

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When I loaded the RCurl package and subsituted in your code into the Knitr markdown file then knitted it to HTML it all worked perfectly, so thank you very much! – Jonno Bourne Nov 10 '13 at 17:44

You could use https with download.file() function by passing "curl" to method as :

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simple solution, thank you! – jatal Dec 17 '14 at 23:37

Use setInternet2(use = TRUE) before using the download.file() function. It works on Windows 7.

setInternet2(use = TRUE)
download.file(url, destfile = "test.csv")
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solves the problem. – petermeissner Nov 5 '14 at 8:58
setInternet2(use = TRUE) made the trick, Thank you! – espaciomore Apr 3 at 20:39

I am sure you have already found solution to your problem by now.

I was working on an assignment right now and ended up getting the same error. I tried some of the tricks, but that did not work for me. Maybe because I am working on Windows machine.

Anyhow, I changed the link to http: rather than https: and that did the trick.

Following is chunk of my code:

if (!file.exists("./PeerAssesment2")) {dir.create("./PeerAssessment2")}
fileURL <- ""
download.file(fileURL, dest = "./PeerAssessment2/")

if (!file.exists("./PeerAssessment2/Data")) {
    bunzip2 ("./PeerAssessment2/", destname = "./PeerAssessment2/Data")

noaaData <- read.csv ('./PeerAssessment2/Data')

Hope this helps.

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I had the same issue with knitr and download.file() with a https url, on Windows 8.

You could try setInternet2(TRUE) before using the download.file() function. However I'm not sure that this fix works on Unix-like systems.

setInternet2(TRUE)  # set the R_WIN_INTERNET2 to TRUE
fileurl <- ""
download.file(fileurl, destfile = "C:/Users/xxx/yyy") # now it should work

Source : R documentation (?download.file()) :

Note that https:// URLs are only supported if --internet2 or environment variable R_WIN_INTERNET2 was set or setInternet2(TRUE) was used (to make use of Internet Explorer internals), and then only if the certificate is considered to be valid.

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I had the same problem with a https with the following code running perfectly in R and getting unsupported URL scheme when knitting to html:

temp = tempfile()
download.file("", temp)
data = read.csv(unz(temp, "activity.csv"), colClasses = c("numeric", "Date", "numeric"))

I tried all the solutions posted here and nothing worked, in my absolute desperation I just eliminated the "s" in the "https" in the url and everything got fine...

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Using the R download package takes care of the quirky details typically associated with file downloads. For you example, all you needed to do would have been:

fileurl <- ""
download(fileurl, destfile = "C:/Users/xxx/yyy")
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