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I want to return the least integer value greater than or equal to integer division. So I used math.ceil, but can not get the value I want.

package main

import (

func main() {
    var pagesize int = 10
    var length  int = 43

    d := float64(length / pagesize)
    page := int(math.Ceil(d))

    // output 4 not 5



What is wrong? Thanks.

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The line

d := float64(length / pagesize)

transforms to float the result of the division. Since the division itself is integer division, it results in 4, so d = 4.0 and math.Ceil(d) is 4.

Replace the line with

d := float64(length) / float64(pagesize)

and you'll have d=4.3 and int(math.Ceil(d))=5.

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Convert length and pagesize to floats before the division:

d := float64(length) / float64(pagesize)


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