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I have read document about those two attributes of relative layout, and try some examples, but still not recognize what difference between them. I have tried some test, but often i have same result, and sometimes, different, but i cannot explain.

Here is description on Android Document :

Positions the bottom edge of this view above the given anchor view ID. Accommodates bottom margin of this view and top margin of anchor view.

Makes the bottom edge of this view match the bottom edge of the given anchor view ID. Accommodates bottom margin.

Thanks :)

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See image it explains everything :)

enter image description here

above: the bottom edge of view is placed on top edge of view A

alignBotton: the bottom edge of a view is on the same line View B is.

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Image is more than 1000 words. – MaciejGórski Nov 10 '13 at 14:46

this View's bottom edge is where referenced View's top edge is.


this View's bottom edge is where referenced Views bottom edge is.

If you want to see it in action, I suggest adding gravity="center" (not layout_gravity - there is a difference) to RelativeLayout, so the first View is centered and the second is layed out above or at the same place as first. Use android:layout_toRightOf to make them not overlap.

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android:layout_above :

In simple login page . User id edit text is layout_above to Password edittext.


The label User id and user id edit text is using android:layout_alignBottom

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