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I have built a block feature for my Webchat. It works fine, but I want to be able to block users fast and easy. In the code bellow there's an Image tag, IF I have blocked the user shown, the image should not be displayed by checking the database.

"blocks" table in the database: id bigint(20) author_id bigint(20) blocked_id bigint(20)

If author_id = my_id AND blocked_id = user_id DONT show image.


<span data-bind="foreach: ko.utils.arrayFilter(active_room().users(), function(user){return user.group_id != '1';})">
    <div class='onlineuser' data-bind="click: $root.show_user_profile">
        <a href='#' data-bind="text: user_name"></a>
        <img data-bind="click: $root.block_user" class='user_block' src='/themes/default/block.png'>

One way would probably be to give the knockout another value, like "blocked" or something, that value would be 1 if the user is blocked and 0 if it's not. That could be done by altering the SQL string, but it would be very advanced, atleast for me to alter it.

Here's the SQL providing knockout with user_id, group_id and such.

$sql = "
        user.username AS user_name,
        user.group_id AS group_id
    FROM {$x7->dbprefix}room_users room_user
    INNER JOIN {$x7->dbprefix}users user ON
        user.id = room_user.user_id
        room_id IN ({$rooms})
$st = $db->prepare($sql);
$users = $st->fetchAll();
$output['users'] = $users;

Any ideas? Thanks.

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