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I have some images to make the QLPreviewPanel display.I set the QLPreviewPanel's delegate. This is my code

    - (BOOL)previewPanel:(QLPreviewPanel *)panel handleEvent:(NSEvent *)event

    unsigned short tmpKeyCode = [event keyCode];

    if (tmpKeyCode == 123 || tmpKeyCode == 124 || tmpKeyCode ==125 || tmpKeyCode == 126) {
        NSLog(@"previewPanel arrow key event");
        [self.collectionView keyDown:event];
        return YES;

    return NO;

When I trigger the arrow key event,I find that this delegate method is called twice.Where is my problem?

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I have known the answer of this question.The event param contains two type,one is keyDown and the other is keyUp.So I just handle only one of the two type.It looks like easy.

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