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How should I get all the existing relationships between each two nodes in a graph in neo4j by java?

I want the results which this cypher query returns:

start r=rel(*) return r 

so later I can change or delete some of them based on my conditions?

or get the start or end node of them.

this is what I have done so far:

  for (Relationship rel: rels )

but I have error in this line:for (Relationship rel: rels )

the error is because does not know rels ,and wants to create a class for it.

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I used this for indexing and it was working:

  GlobalGraphOperations ggo =;

  for (Relationship r : ggo.getAllRelationships()) {
       //indexing code

try to get relationships on single node and check result e.g.

Iterable<BatchRelationship>  _itlRelationship= _neo.getRelationships(_empNodeId);

            Iterator<BatchRelationship> _itRelationship= _itlRelationship.iterator();

            while (_itRelationship.hasNext()) {}
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