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i know it's possible to switch to a different "Platform Toolset" in Properties. Since I want to keep VisualStudio 2010 (plugins, etc) but also want to use C++11 features, how can I add a newer compiler version? The windows sdk does not come with a build pipeline anymore. I tried installing VisualStudio Express 2013, but that didn't help. I know i could just use the Express version, but I have several Plugins (EA, CodeXL) that I bought for VisualStudio2010.

Any hints would be helpful

best wishes pettersson

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Should be easy enough by changing the VC++ Directories settings. The iceberg that sinks that titanic is having to turn off the IntelliSense parser because it of course doesn't understand C++11 either. –  Hans Passant Nov 10 '13 at 19:21
The tag compiler should be applied to questions concerning the programming of compilers or for questions about the detailed inner workings of compilers. Don't use compiler for questions about options and settings for a particular compiler, use the name of the compiler you are interested in instead. –  EJP Nov 14 '13 at 0:36

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