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I am trying to run some Rook Classes (such Middleware, builder, Brewery and file) with httpuv, knowing that web application is "implemented in accordance with the Rook specification." ( from httpuv documentation ).

However, it seems that not all Rook specifications are implemented in httpuv package.

Though Rook have web server (Rhttpd) , httpuv provide more preformance ( based on Libuv) and features such webSockets.

So, my question is did any one tried to use such mentioned classes with httpuv ? Do any one knows site, blog, or any documentation that may help in such integration ?

what I know is loading the httpuv and Rook and running the httpuv server.

webapp = list( onHeader = function(req) {... etc ...}, 
               call     = function(req) {... etc ...}, 
               onWSOpen = function(req) {... etc ...}

Now , how can I use and integrate Rook Classes (such Middleware, builder, Brewery and file) to compose webapp ?

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