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I have a pandas Series which looks like this:

368683    2012-01-01 01:20:08
77642     2012-01-01 03:18:40
335652    2012-01-01 03:39:48

188283    2013-04-30 23:22:33
137637    2013-04-30 23:25:40
Name: created_time, Length: 223129

Now I want to create a bar chart, where I list the occurrences per month? What would be the pandas way to do that?

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Looks like you need histogram() of months. I think it could be done by creating another Series with months of given datetimes and then plot it:

m = s.apply(lambda x: x.month)

If you want to get your data in form like 'Jan 2011', ..., you can convert it like this

m = s.apply(lambda x: x.strftime('%b %Y'))
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Does month return just the month number? That will mess up if it's multi-year and he wants 2012-01 separate from 2013-01. –  TomAugspurger Nov 10 '13 at 22:03
Yes, thats not what I wanted. I would like to have a histogram where I have "Jan 2011, Febr 2011,..." on the x-axis. –  Martin Böschen Nov 11 '13 at 6:32
@MartinBöschen updated –  Roman Pekar Nov 11 '13 at 7:32

Thanks for the help so far. I ended up with the following code:

frame2 = DataFrame.from_csv("data/test.csv")
times2 = frame2['created_time']
m = times2.apply(lambda x: dateutil.parser.parse(x).strftime('%Y-%m'))

This produces the following plot: enter image description here

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