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Breeze.js examples show client code like:

breeze.config.initializeAdapterIntance("dataService","mongo", true);
var manager = new breeze.EntityManager(serviceName: "breeze/xyz")

Somehow breeze has to figure out that the correct URL to fetch the metadata is http://localhost:8888/breeze/xyz/Metadata. But configured as above, this fails for me: "Metadata query failed for breeze/xyz/Metadata". It fails because jQuery is issuing:

GET file:///C:/dev/xyz/public/breeze/xyz/Metadata

To make it work, what I have to do instead is:

breeze.config.initializeAdapterInstance("dataService","mongo", true);
serviceName = "http://localhost:8888/breeze/xyz";
var mongoDataService = new breeze.DataService({
    serviceName: serviceName,
    adapterName: "mongo",
    hasServerMetadata: true 
var store = new breeze.MetadataStore();
var manager = new breeze.EntityManager({
    serviceName: serviceName,
    dataService: mongoDataService,
    metadataStore: store

Is there a way to configure the breeze client so it knows to prepend http://localhost:8888/ to the service name?

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You have several typos but if I look past them what strikes me is the AJAX URL beginning "file:///C:/dev/xyz ...". That indicates that you are serving the client application from the files system, not a web server. What is the protocol of the URL in the browser when you runt the app? Is it "file:"?

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That was it. I was double-clicking on "index.html" to bring it up in Chrome. When I do localhost:8888/Index.html, it works as expected. Thanks! –  mike scholtes Nov 15 '13 at 23:33
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