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I need to set the Font Size of a ViewText on the onCreate/onResume method..

I think it must be this way:

public void onResume() {
     Bundle LayoutData = new Bundle();
     LayoutData.putInt(Control.Intents.EXTRA_MENU_ITEM_ID, MENU_ITEM_1);
     **(line missing)** 
     showLayout(R.layout.text_view, LayoutData);  


I am missing this: I can''t find the option for EXTRA_FONT_SIZE, like the EXTRA_TEXT for the intent.

How can I do that?


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You won't be able to do that by sending a constant. If you want to change the text size of the TextView then you have to create a new layout or alter your existing one and then call showLayout() again. So if you are using an XML layout then you can either create a 2nd layout the same as the first but with a different font size for the TextView or if you are creating your TextView in the code then call setTextSize() on the TextView and then call showLayout().

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Thanks! I will use multiple layouts! –  Lordblacksuca Nov 13 '13 at 0:21

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