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I have a very simple VagrantFile and Ansible Playbook. I just want to test install httpd. But every time I run vagrant provision after the VM is up I get this error:

Rons-MacBook-Pro:development you$ vagrant provision
[default] Running provisioner: ansible...

PLAY [Install and start apache] *********************************************** 

GATHERING FACTS *************************************************************** 
<> EXEC ['/bin/sh', '-c', 'mkdir -p $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111346.71-231091208956411 && echo $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111346.71-231091208956411']
<> PUT /var/folders/h7/3b23bqhs5g39w_jntlkz3hpm0000gn/T/tmpQ3Hvaw TO /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111346.71-231091208956411/setup
<> EXEC ['/bin/sh', '-c', '/usr/bin/python2.6 /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111346.71-231091208956411/setup; rm -rf /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111346.71-231091208956411/ >/dev/null 2>&1']
ok: []

TASK: [Update apt cache] ****************************************************** 
<> EXEC ['/bin/sh', '-c', 'mkdir -p $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111347.33-79837739787852 && echo $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111347.33-79837739787852']
<> REMOTE_MODULE apt upgrade=yes update_cache=yes
<> PUT /var/folders/h7/3b23bqhs5g39w_jntlkz3hpm0000gn/T/tmpr5r1YH TO /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111347.33-79837739787852/apt
<> EXEC ['/bin/sh', '-c', '/usr/bin/python2.6 /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111347.33-79837739787852/apt; rm -rf /Users/you/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1384111347.33-79837739787852/ >/dev/null 2>&1']
failed: [] => {"failed": true}
msg: Could not import python modules: apt, apt_pkg. Please install python-apt package.

FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting

PLAY RECAP ******************************************************************** 
           to retry, use: --limit @/Users/you/playbook.retry                 : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=1   

Ansible failed to complete successfully. Any error output should be
visible above. Please fix these errors and try again.

This is my VagrantFile:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|

# Every Vagrant virtual environment requires a box to build off of. = "development-precise64"
# config.vm.host_name = ""

# The url from where the '' box will be fetched if it
# doesn't already exist on the user's system.
config.vm.box_url = "" "private_network", ip: ""

# Share an additional folder to the guest VM. The first argument is
# an identifier, the second is the path on the guest to mount the
# folder, and the third is the path on the host to the actual folder.
# config.vm.share_folder "v-data", "/vagrant_data", "../data"

config.vm.synced_folder "/Users/rontalman/Public/Dropbox/Development/Code/Webdevelopment/htdocs/", "/var/www", id: "vagrant-root", :nfs => false

config.vm.usable_port_range = (2200..2250)
config.vm.provider :virtualbox do |virtualbox|
  virtualbox.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--name", "mgc"]
  virtualbox.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--natdnshostresolver1", "on"]
  virtualbox.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--memory", "512"]
  virtualbox.customize ["setextradata", :id, "--VBoxInternal2/SharedFoldersEnableSymlinksCreate/v-root", "1"]

config.ssh.username = "vagrant" = "bash -l"
config.ssh.keep_alive = true
config.ssh.forward_agent = false
config.ssh.forward_x11 = false = :detect

# Ansible
config.vm.provision "ansible" do |ansible|
  ansible.inventory_path = "provisioning/inventory.yml"
  ansible.playbook = "provisioning/playbook.yml"
  ansible.verbose = "vvvv"

And this is my simple playbook.yml:

- name: Install and start apache
  hosts: all
  user: root

  - name: Update apt cache
    apt: upgrade=yes

  - name: Install httpd
    apt: pkg=httpd

  - name: Start httpd
    service: name=httpd state=running

And my inventory.yml:


# Set at in the VagrantFile      ansible_connection=local ansible_ssh_port=2222 ansible_ssh_user=root ansible_ssh_pass=vagrant ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/bin/python2.6

I did install the python-apt package on the virtual machine, but still no dice. If anybody has any tips, I'd love to hear them.

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I've got this problem also. My Python version is 2.7 and I can import both libraries in the REPL. – Ash Mar 9 '14 at 12:24
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I see you're using a specific python interpreter for python2.6, and that you're using an Ubuntu Precise 64 image. I believe the Precise 64 package for apt-get is for python 2.7 (per apt-cache show python-apt). Assuming you used apt & default sources to install python-apt, I don't think the apt packages will be available to the 2.6 interpreter.

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The workaround I used is installing apt-get packgages in separate role, without ansible_python_interpreter explicitly set. Then doing the rest in next role which has ansible_python_interpreter set. Hope this helps.

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