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I'm playing with SwingWorker and learning from using it. So, I've this code:

ArrayList<Train> dataList = new ArrayList<>();
ArrayList<Train> proccessedData = new ArrayList<>();

String query = "my query, not relevant here";

dataList = myApi.getTrainData(connectServer(), query, false);

TestNewThread tpp = new TestNewThread(dataList, threshold, pairs, false);


My TestNewThread class is:

public class TestNewThread extends SwingWorker<List, String>{

    private ArrayList<Train> dataList;
    private int threshold
    private int pair
    private boolean processFurther) 

    MyAPI myApi = MyAPI.getInstance();

    public TestNewThread(ArrayList<Train> dataList, int threshold, int pair, boolean processFurther) {
        this.dataList = dataList;
        this.threshold = threshold
        this.pair = pair
        this.iprocessFurther)  = processFurther) 

    protected List doInBackground() throws Exception {

        ArrayList<Train> list;

        publish("Starting process");
        list = processingTrains(threshold, pair, dataList);
        publish("Process finished.");

        return list;

    protected void process(List<String> chunks) {
        String mostRecentValue = chunks.get(chunks.size() - 1);

    protected void done() {
//        myApi .printPanel("\nALL DONE... !);

Now what I need and I can't figure out how to do it is: On the first piace of code here, where I've tpp.execute(); I want it to return to an assigned variable. To something like this, note the commented section:

ArrayList resultsList = new ArrayList();
TestNewThread tpp = new TestNewThread(dataList, threshold, pairs, false);
resultsList = tpp.execute(); // I know I can't do this because .execute() is void but I want something like whatever the new thread returns to return to resultsList array.

If there is any typo or something on the code I'm sorry, I just made it now from the top of my head to explain my problem. I think you can get the idea from here.

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The whole point of SwingWorker is to be able to do something asynchronously, without blocking the EDT thread. So you can't return anything from the tpp.execute(), because if you could, that would mean that the EDT would be blocked until the background task has finished, and the background task wouldn't be a background task anymore.

What you can do, though, is to pass a reference to the component using the SwingWorker, and invoke a method of this component from the done() method:

public class SomePanel extends JPanel {

    TestNewThread tpp = new TestNewThread(this, dataList, threshold, pairs, false);


    public void backgroundTaskHasFinishedHereIsTheResult(List<Train> trains) {
        // TODO do whatever with the list of trains computed by the background task

And in the SwingWorker subclass:

   private SomePanel somePanel;

   public TestNewThread(SomePanel somePanel, ArrayList<Train> dataList, int threshold, int pair, boolean processFurther) {
        this.somePanel = somePanel;

    protected void done() {
        List<Train> result = get();
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Thanks for your input. But, can't it be done by passing references to the lists? – dazito Nov 10 '13 at 23:27
Passing references to lists will allow you to add or remove items to these lists. But I guess you'd like something to happen in the GUI once the job is done. If that's the case, you need a reference to the GUI component that should be modified once the job is done. – JB Nizet Nov 11 '13 at 8:42

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