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I am looking to make a slideshow using Jekyll but would like to have the slideshow be a single post alongside regular blog posts. I found a few Jekyll themed slideshows using impress.js here and here, but in the examples for both they are relying on a single static html file that simply pulls all of the posts from the _posts folder. I can filter out the non-slideshow posts by class, but that would not solve the situation of having two slideshows as slides from both would be pulled in.

Is there a way of passing information from the slide post (eg a "Title") that can be read in the static html file to determine which posts belong to this slideshow? Alternatively, is there a different way to go about doing this?

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Old question but I have been diggin into it anyway

Hekyll is a very nice tool To prevent a post from showing up in a presentation, you can mark it with a specific tag in the front matter, say not_a_slide: true

Then edit the layout perso.html here at the root of the project and {% unless page.not_a_slide %} before {% include slide.html %} and {% endunless %} after.

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