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What I am looking for is basically nosetest --pdb --pdb-failures from nose testing framework.

I am using mocha for testing. What I'd like to do is to run tests like

mocha --break-on-exception --break-on-failure that would stop executing tests once encountering exception or assertion failure, would start node-inspector for me and would allow me to introspect runninng code.

Is this possible anywhere in node.js world, with any library or test framework?

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you can do mocha debug and then from command line debugger type breakOnExeption. Note that there are lots of internal try/catch excheptions, for example each module require without explicit '.js' extension generates ENOENT exception. I suggest to turn on breakOnExeption after all your modules are loaded –  Andrey Sidorov Nov 11 '13 at 6:05

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add this line to your test:

if (global.v8debug)

start with mocha --debug-brk, connect node-inspector, continue and wait for exception

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This is exactly what I don't want to do; I want to break on exception/failure automatically, without modifying test code. –  Almad Mar 18 at 13:48
Have you found another solution? –  hellboy Oct 13 at 7:50

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