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I am using Codeigniter Shipping UPS Api https://github.com/objectivehtml/UPS#live-shipping-rates

But can't able to display rate anyone help please.

My Code is:

class Shipping extends CI_Controller
    function __construct()

    public function index()
        $origin = array('state'        => 'Ontario',
                        'postal_code'  => 'l9S4z9',
                        'country_code' => 'CA');

        $auth_params = array('access_key'     => '123xxx',
                             'username'       => '123xxx',
                             'password'       => '13xxx',
                             'account_number' => '1234xxx',
                             'origin'         => $origin);

        $this->load->library('ups', $auth_params);

        $packages = array(array('weight' => 10));

        $destination = array('state'        => 'FL',
                             'postal_code'  => '33010',
                             'country_code' => 'US');

        $rate = $this->ups->get_rate($destination, $packages);

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Looking at the docs, isn't Ups case sensitive? $this->load->library('Ups', $auth_params) –  Sparky Apr 4 at 17:45

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