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Using the inkfilepicker library on the iPad Simulator, when uploading from the source "Albums" I end up with the following result:

{"FPPickerControllerFilename": "...03.JPG",

When I choose a different source, like facebook, the FPPickerControllerKey is missing. The images themselves are being uploaded to the S3 bucket correctly no matter what source. Is this a known issue? Could I be doing something wrong?

I am using the Cordova-Filepicker library (see link below) with the inkfilepicker ios library updated to the one from the ios docs under developers.inkfilepicker. I am checking for the values here: https://github.com/albertut/cordova-filepicker/blob/master/src/ios/CDVFilepicker.m#L167-176

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This issue was resolved by the inkfilepicker team. After my support case they fixed the issue on their server - all sources now return the S3 key (filename on S3). Yay!

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