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I'm using this source - https://github.com/ksmiley/mobile-redirect/blob/master/mobile-redirect.js

It is currently redirecting mobile users to m. domain.com, however I'd like it to redirect users to domain.com /mobile. Something to do with the following line? How can this be adjusted to work correctly?

mdw.MobileRedirect.translate = function(targetView, currentView) {
  return location.href.replace(/^(https?:\/\/)(m\.)?(.+)/i, 
                                 (targetView == 'mobile' ? '$1m.$3' : '$1$3'));
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Try this:

  mdw.MobileRedirect.translate = function(targetView, currentView) {
      return location.href.replace(/^(https?:\/\/)?([^?/]+)(.*)$/i, 
                            (targetView == 'mobile' ? '$1$2/mobile$3' : '$1$2$3'));

Will cause http://www.example.com/some/path?param=1 to become http://www.example.com/mobile/some/path?param=1 example.com/some/path?param=1 to become example.com/mobile/some/path?param=1

EDIT: Updated, first regex was wrong.

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thanks I'll give it a whirl now. –  Dave Nov 11 '13 at 3:07

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