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So I have a Parent object that has a sequence of child objects. Each of these child objects contains a 'date' property. I want to find out which of these objects has the earliest 'date' property. This is the code I've tried, but it doesn't compile - giving me a parenthesis error

let Parent = new ParentClass()
let seq = Parent.ChildClass |> Seq.minBy(_.Date)

I'm certain this is either a typo or me misunderstanding how Seq.minby is too be used. Unfortunately I have only been able to find examples of simple sequences - none that use child properties.

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You need to use a lambda expression for this

let seq = Parent.ChildClass |> Seq.minBy(fun x -> x.Date)
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That did it. Looks like I need to re-read up on F# lambda functions. Thanks! –  ChargerIIC Nov 11 '13 at 3:46

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