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the cocos2d-x reference count function sounds very attractive,but when i use it on my project,i found the "out of memory" problem still can't been eliminated,e.g there is a very simple case as below:

when i release the CCLayer,its child node will not released in the meantime.right?do i have to manually release the child node one by one before releasing the CCLayer as below?

void MyLayer::releaseChildren(){
    CCArray * children = this->getChidren();//"this" pointer is the CCLayer
    CCObject * obj;
      CCNode * child = static_cast<Node*>(obj);

if you can share your practice of your project ,that will be very helpful for me

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What I can make sure is that you NEED NOT manually release the child nodes.

Usually, if you have entered a CCLayer's release methods, you most likely called removeChild or removeFromParent or other similar methods.

And it would remove and release the child nodes before removing the parent node. You could look at Node::removeChild() and Node::detachChild for detail.

And your "out of memory" problem may be caused by other problem, like not unschedule, nor removing notification observer, nor other things.

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try this code:

CCArray * children = this->getChildren();//"this" pointer is the CCLayer
CCObject * obj;
    CCNode * child = static_cast<CCNode*>(obj);
    this->removeChild(child, true); //Remove the child 
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