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I'm trying to remove border of UISearchBar in iOS 7. In iOS 6 it's working fine. I created the UISearchBar programatically. I tried almost every thing from Stack Overflow and Google.

SearchBar looking right now
SearchBar looking right now

What i want to achieve
What i want to achieve

I tried all these stuffs mentioned below

searchBar.layer.borderWidth = 1;
searchBar.layer.borderColor = [[UIColor whiteColor] CGColor];


for (id img in searchBar.subviews)
     if ([img isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"UISearchBarBackground")])
            [img removeFromSuperview];    


for (UIView *sub in self.tableView.tableHeaderView.subviews) {
    if ([sub isKindOfClass:[UIImageView class]]) {
        sub.hidden = YES;

but still no success.

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Ok, i found the solution that worked for me by setting the barTintColor of UISearchBar to clearColor

topSearchBar.barTintColor = [UIColor clearColor];

Hope this will help other guys as well.

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but sometimes work for this solution , i am using identical code , but one works and the other show black color , so i use whitecolor to fix it . strange –  chings228 Mar 15 '14 at 8:00
In my case, it always showed black color when I set clear color :( –  Ajith R Nayak Jun 17 '14 at 11:46
Try doing nerowolfe's answer: –  TheMan Jul 17 '14 at 4:49
@Thought-Beast May be you set the alpha to some minimum value line .1 or something? –  iEngineer Aug 6 '14 at 10:26

Set Search Style = minimal in Search Bar properties in IB


searchBar.searchBarStyle = UISearchBarStyleMinimal;
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i created the UISearchBar programatically. –  iEngineer Nov 11 '13 at 6:12
searchBar.searchBarStyle = UISearchBarStyleMinimal; –  nerowolfe Nov 11 '13 at 6:13
Not worked. :-( –  iEngineer Nov 11 '13 at 6:24
searchBarStyle of UISearchBar is available from iOS7.0 and later. –  John Paul Manoza Apr 17 '14 at 3:13

Setting searchBarStyle to UISearchBarStyleMinimal messed up my color setup, so doing this instead fixed the issue.

[self.searchField setBackgroundImage:[[UIImage alloc]init]];
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nice .. its working –  S R Nayak Jan 9 at 12:39

My experiments conclusion,

  • If you're on iOS7 and above, and if you'll set, searchBar.barTintColor = [UIColor clearColor]; then you'll not able to customise background colour of UISearchBar.

  • if you'll set searchBarStyle to UISearchBarStyleMinimal then it'll mess the color of UISearchBar as said by @Rich Fox.

So, [self.searchField setBackgroundImage:[[UIImage alloc]init]]; solution to remove border.

Update with sample:

UISearchBar *search = [[UISearchBar alloc] init];
search.tag = kTagSearchBar;
search.delegate = self;
search.tintColor = [UIColor redColor];
search.searchBarStyle = UISearchBarStyleMinimal;
search.frame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 320, 50);
search.placeholder = @"Search";
search.barTintColor = [UIColor blueColor];
search.translucent = NO;
search.opaque = NO;
search.showsCancelButton = NO;
[search setBackgroundImage:[[UIImage alloc] init]];
[self.view addSubview:search];

//customize textfield inside UISearchBar
@try {
    for (id object in [[[search subviews] firstObject] subviews])
        if (object && [object isKindOfClass:[UITextField class]])
            UITextField *textFieldObject = (UITextField *)object;
            textFieldObject.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
            textFieldObject.borderStyle = UITextBorderStyleLine;
            textFieldObject.layer.borderColor = [UIColor blueColor].CGColor;
            textFieldObject.layer.borderWidth = 1.0;
@catch (NSException *exception) {
    NSLog(@"Error while customizing UISearchBar");
@finally {


will give you:

enter image description here

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self.searchBar.translucent = NO;
self.searchBar.opaque = NO;
if ([self.searchBar respondsToSelector:@selector(setSearchBarStyle:)]) {
    self.searchBar.searchBarStyle = UISearchBarStyleMinimal;
// iOS 7 remove 1 px bottom border
if ([self.searchBar respondsToSelector:@selector(setBarTintColor:)]) {
    self.searchBar.barTintColor = [UIColor clearColor];
self.searchBar.barStyle = UIBarStyleDefault;
[self.searchBar setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageWithColor:[UIColor clearColor] andSize:CGSizeMake(1.0f, 1.0f)]]; // to remove the 1px bottom border iOS 5, 6

The order of code seems does matter. It doesn't work if I set the barStyle before the searchBarStyle.

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