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So my program is object oriented and I am getting compiler errors(below). I am trying to call all of my methods in my tester.

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Replace System.out.println( cyl.getHeight);


System.out.println( cyl.getHeight());

Same is the case with System.out.println( cyl.getRadius);

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You need to add circular brackets () while calling methods, otherwise those will be treated as fields. And you don't have fields with name getRadius/getHeight in your Cylinder class, instead those are methods. So do the following changes:


should be




should be

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Make changes in main method as follows:


System.out.println( cyl.getRadius);

System.out.println( cyl.getHeight);


System.out.println( cyl.getRadius());

System.out.println( cyl.getHeight());
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ok thank it worked – Veronica Felix Nov 11 '13 at 6:49

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