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Good morning, My question, please is how can we put help tooltip message on fields rather than labels (which is by default) so that when the user put the cursor n the textfield the tooltip message appears.

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You can specify the tooltip for the field as

'empty_acc': fields.boolean('Empty Accounts ? ', help='Check if you want to display Accounts with 0 balance too.'),

Where "Check if you want to display Accounts with 0 balance too." will be shown when the user put the cursor on the field empty_acc. But i think we wont be able to show the tooltip when the cursor is on the text field.

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This help message will appear when the cursor will be on the label 'Empty Accounts', but I want the message appearing when the cursor is on the checkbox itself in this case. –  levolutionniste Nov 12 '13 at 20:35

If there is no label for the field, then help tooltip message will be shown for the text field. you can see an example in customer's address

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good to know even if it wasn't exactly what i am looking for. Thx –  levolutionniste Jan 4 '14 at 21:38

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