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I'm using JQuery ticker, and its working perfectly, i only need to set title for #ticker-title, is that possible??

    $.fn.ticker.defaults = {
    speed: 0.10,            
    ajaxFeed: false,
    feedUrl: '',
    feedType: 'xml',
    displayType: 'reveal',
    htmlFeed: true,
    debugMode: true,
    controls: true,
    titleText: 'Latest News ::',
    direction: 'ltr',   
    pauseOnItems: 3000,
    fadeInSpeed: 600,
    fadeOutSpeed: 300

Any thoughts? thanks in advance

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You can read out the Hash like this

hashtag = location.hash;

I don't know if you can overwrite the defaults, but you can create the Ticker on pageload with the hashtag as name.

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I think i got it in an easier way, thanks for your answer though –  Alaa.Ali Nov 18 '13 at 8:06
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In the ticker.js file itself is added a href tag to the titleText attrivute, check below :

        titleText: '<a href=xxxx.aspx' + '>' + 'News ::' + '</a>',
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