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Is there a way to find an element's XPath using IE Developer Tool?

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IE doesn't support XHTML, so I think it's unlikely. – EricLaw Jan 2 '10 at 1:29

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This post suggests that you should be able to get the IE Developer Toolbar to show you the XPath for an element you click on if you turn on the "select element by click" option.

Alternatively this post suggests either bookmarklets, or IE debugbar: Equivalent of Firebug's "Copy Xpath" in Internet Explorer?

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If your goal is to find CSS selectors you can use MRI (once MRI is open, click any element to see various selectors for the element):

For Xpath:

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Guys You can check with Fire-IEBrowser.xlsm a google project application, this will let you know Xpath for the webelements in IE.

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What if the application is only compatible with IE. – Code Enthusiastic Mar 14 '13 at 16:08

I build a tool to do something like that

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You can find/debug XPath/CSS locators in the IE as well as in different browsers with the tool called SWD Page Recorder

The only restrictions/limitations:

  1. The browser should be started from the tool
  2. Internet Explorer Driver Server - IEDriverServer.exe - should be downloaded separately and placed near SwdPageRecorder.exe
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