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linux :: Opensuse 12.3 :: installing Apache Cordova

Hi everyone! I d'like to run the command ant in cli but it gives me an error:

Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-1.7.0/lib/tools.jar
Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! Build failed

I have java installed:

linux-s3z2:/srv/www/htdocs/cordova # java -version
java version "1.7.0_40"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.4.1) (suse-8.18.1-x86_64)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.0-b50, mixed mode)

and my echo $PATH looks like that

linux-s3z2:/srv/www/htdocs/cordova # echo $PATH
/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin:/root/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin      /X11:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/games:/home/gdia/Documents/sdk/apache-ant-1.9.2/bin/

So there is an "ant" file in /home/gdia/Documents/sdk/apache-ant-1.9.2/bin/ for Apache ant, I don't understand why it's looking somewhere else?

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The which command will show where ant is installed.

The error Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! Build failed means Ant is installed.

You have to run ant from a directory with a file named build.xml. See the second paragraph of Running Apache Ant:

When no arguments are specified, Ant looks for a build.xml file in the current directory and, if found, uses that file as the build file and runs the target specified in the default attribute of the tag.

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Thks 'Chad Nouis'. What is the proper way to install ${ANT_HOME} variable in linux I'm more use with PATH=$PATH:.... – user2327456 Nov 11 '13 at 16:27
@user2327456, that's a separate question. You may find an answer elsewhere on the site. – Chad Nouis Nov 11 '13 at 16:53

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