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Here i have problem with swiping with html page and webview with horizontal page scroller in android. i trying for last 8 days, i don't found any solution, please help me. i explain problem in detail.

I create an EBookReader app to read .epub files for android. My app have feature of swiping page. I have one .epub file with images, videos and image gallery, image gallery have 5 images on html page and at a time see 1 image, to see another image html page have scrollable image gallery, html page uses iScroll.js and panelnav.js for image gallery.

My ePub file has 10 html pages and my reader page support swipe scroll on page.

I implemented for navigation page using Custom Horizontal Scroller. i display html5 pages on webview and scroll one after another webview on Horizontal scroller pager. my web page swipe perfectly but my webpage have image gallery with its own swiping feature it does not work. I want to my app with webpage swipe feature and it also support html5 image gallery (image swipes on html5) in Android.

Please Help.

Thanks in Advance.

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