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I use this Perl subroutine to get a line from a webpage, which I then split to get the information I require to proceed. This has worked for a dozen years.

sub capture_line {

   my $page_to_get = $_[0];
   my $host_to_get_text = $_[1];
   my $port = 80;
   my $buf = &HTTPGet($page_to_get, $host_to_get_text, $port);
   my $image_capture_text;
   my @lines = split(/\n/,$buf);
#      print "$lines[1]\n";
#      print "$page_to_get, $host_to_get_text\n";
#      print "$buf\n";

    foreach (@lines) {
       if (/$text_to_find/i) {
          $image_capture_text = $_;
     print "in_loop";

    return $image_capture_text;

Unforntuately, $page_to_get is now always a 301 redirect and $buf, when printed, gives me a 301 redirection page, which obviously does not contain the sought after text. Is there a $in value pair (for example) that I can use with HTTPGet to hop me over the redirection so that I get the page that I see when I type http://$host_to_get_text$page_to_get into my browser? Or is there a better way to accomplish the same thing (knowlege of an ever changing filename in the source of a viewed webpage)?

Thank you for your time. Greg Marsh

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What module is HTTPGet from? You need to get the Location header from the response and reissue the query using that link. I know that other objects like HTTP::Request together with LWP::UserAgent will automatically process redirects but I'm not sure which module you are using. – D.Shawley Jan 2 '10 at 2:16
The traditional joke in other discussion groups is to say "your problem is in line 138 of your HTTPGet subroutine". Luckily people aren't that rude around here. – AmbroseChapel Jan 2 '10 at 8:05

Where is the HTTPGet function coming from?

If you were to use LWP ( to do the HTTP fetching, that will automatically follow redirects (you can specify how many times you want it to follow a redirect before giving up).


   use LWP::Simple qw()
   my ($page_to_get, $host_to_get_text) = @_;
   my $url = "http://$host_to_get_text$page_to_get";
   my $buf = LWP::Simple::get($url);
   my $image_capture_text;
   my @lines = split(/\n/,$buf);
   # ...
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