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I am trying to open an image in a new tab when user clicks on the thumbnail, but even though I've tried many different solutions none of them worked.

I am posting jquery code:

$('#imagelink').click(function() {

     //location.href = $('#imagelink').attr("href"); //It is correct!
    // window.location.href = this.id + '.html'; //It is correct!
  //  window.open($('#imagelink').attr("href"), '_blank');
  //  $.winOpen($('#imagelink').attr("href"), "windowName", { fullscreen: "no", height: "600px", toolbar:    1, width: 600 }); //It is correct!
     window.location = $.myURL("index", $(this).attr("href"));//It is correct!


As you can see I've tried all of the above five aspects and all of them open the image in the same tab which is not what I desire.

I am posting also the jquery code that includes also the html (this is included in separate file):

new_span.append('<a id="imagelink" href="'+ new.link +'"><img src="' + new.url +'" height=50px width="50px"  /></a>');

Any kind of help is appreciated.

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Try with target as _blank like

new_span.append('<a id="imagelink" href="'+ new.link +'" target="_blank"><img src="' + new.url +'" height=50px width="50px"  /></a>');

Or you can also try with javascript using window.open like

$('#imagelink').click(function() {
    var URL = $.myURL("index", $(this).attr("href"));
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Wow! It was just a piece of cake for you!! It worked! I'm quite newbie but I am trying to maintain and extend the project of another guy. Thank you a lot! –  user2008973 Nov 11 '13 at 10:23
I do not know if I should raise a new question. But I have also tried to do it with hover. I mean when hovering over the thumbnail to see the actual image page. Actually this was the initial requirement, but I found it easier to start with click event. Could you also help me with this? Thank you in advance. –  user2008973 Nov 11 '13 at 10:41

Use :


in your a tag.

If you want to follow jquery then use :

$('#imagelink').click(function() {
     var loc = $(this).attr("href");
     window.open(loc, '_blank');
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Just add the following in the head section of your HTML.

<base target='_blank' />

If you want to open only the links of a particular section of your page then use th e following code

$('#my-Content a[href^="http://"]').attr("target", "_blank");

Here #my-Content is the id of the section in which your links are present. This is for the anchor tags, but it works same with images too.

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Thank you @srikanthbattula ! I have one more question if I would like while hovering over the thumbnail to get a frame with the actual size of the image, how should I do it? Could you help? –  user2008973 Nov 11 '13 at 11:20

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