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I created a table using R and sweave in LaTeX. A sweave example:


<<label=tab1, echo=FALSE, results=tex>>=
employee <- c('John Doe','Peter Gynn','Jolie Hope')
salary <- c(21000, 23400, 26800)
mData <- data.frame(employee, salary) 
print(xtable(mData, caption = "Salary", align="ccc"), caption.placement="top", hline.after = c(c(-1, 0), nrow(mData)), include.rownames=FALSE) 


The basic LaTeX structure of the table is


To save me a lot of work I use the print and xtable functions in R to create the table code in LaTeX. But now I want to add some text between the \end{tabular} and \end{table} statements. The add.to.row argument in the print function does not help, as statements are only placed before \end{tabular}. How can I solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I would just edit the xtable object -- save it to a variable and insert the desired text between tabular and table environments. – Roman Luštrik Nov 11 '13 at 10:36

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