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I've looked into PeriodicTask, but the examples only cover making it recur. I'm looking for something more like cron's ability to say "execute this task every Monday at 1 a.m."

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The recently released version 1.0.3 supports this now, thanks to Patrick Altman!


from celery.task.schedules import crontab
from celery.decorators import periodic_task

@periodic_task(run_every=crontab(hour=7, minute=30, day_of_week="mon"))
def every_monday_morning():
    print("This runs every Monday morning at 7:30a.m.")

See the changelog for more information:


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The import paths have been changed to from celery.task import periodic_task and from celery.schedules import crontab –  hughes Mar 1 '13 at 19:10


YourTask.apply_async(args=[some, args, here], eta=when)

And at the end of your task, reschedule it to the next time it should run.

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don't forget eta is a python's datetime, –  diegueus9 Jan 2 '10 at 4:35
If I make it a PeriodicTask, I only need to schedule it the first time, right? –  Hank Gay Jan 2 '10 at 16:10

I have just submitted a patch to add a ScheduledTask to accomplish a small bit of time based scheduling versus period based:


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How you can read in this tutorial, you can make a PeriodicTask, i think if you have execute a task at 1 .am. Monday's morning is because you wan to run a long cpu/mem operation, rememeber celery use ampq for enqueue tasks.

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