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I have tried to set up Xdebug (2.2.3) with PhpStorm 7.0 and I cannot bring up the step-through debugging console as I have in the past. The guides that I have used to set this up are:

I know that the Xdebug extension itself is working as the cachegrind.out.3280 files are being created on page load (with 12Mb litany of all of the scripts required and variables/values). My set up in php.ini (php version 5.4.12) is:


After setting a break point, turning on Xdebug chrome extension, clicking to listen to Xdebug within PhpStorm and refreshing, I get the Incoming Connection from Xdebug dialogue:

 Incoming Connection from Xdebug

However, when I click Accept, the dialogue disappears and nothing happens.

If I then go to Settings / PHP / Servers in PhpStorm, I see that a new entry has been created: Settings / PHP / Servers in PhpStorm

Only by deleting the entry that was added can I get the Incoming Connection dialogue to show up again when I refresh the page. I notice that the port is set to 80 so wondering if that is right since the Xdebug extension is set to run over port 9000; when I click "Validate remote environment" select deployment server, then "Validate", I get: No debug extension is loaded. So I am assuming that the problem is something related to how this is set up.

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1) xdebug port (9000) and website port (80) are two DIFFERENT things. You should learn some basics first: 2) that's actually wrong -- it should be your IP address / domain name, not your website domain. it works only because it points to the same IP as your computer ( 3) "Only by deleting the entry that was added can I get the Incoming Connection dialogue to show up again" -- that's correct and works exactly as it should. –  LazyOne Nov 11 '13 at 12:09
Now: 1) what is your PHP (not version number) -- is it 32 bit or 64 ? 2) Please show output of your phpinfo(); when executed via web interface (in a browser). Af far as I see it so far -- it should work for you OK -- I mean, it picks up incoming debug request. So .. what's happening after -- does it breaks on breakpoint? What will happen if you put xdebug_break(); in your code (programmatic breakpoint) ? –  LazyOne Nov 11 '13 at 12:14
Nice pointers - my php is 32bit (PHP_INT_SIZE = 4) and, to my surprise, xdebug_break() gets the debugger console to work (but the red circle breakpoints do not). –  Guambra feo Nov 11 '13 at 12:20
1) Please show a screenshot with breakpoints -- maybe you have set them on a line where xdebug is unable to break (due to a bug or (most likely) the way how PHP itself generates bytecode); 2) "php_xdebug-2.2.3-5.4-vc9-x86_64.dll" -- this tells me that you are using 64-bit xdebug on 32-bit PHP -- it should not work, at all. Double check header table of phpinfo() output -- it should tell what Architecture your PHP is. –  LazyOne Nov 11 '13 at 12:25
okay, well the Architecture is x64 so 64 bit ... I had used the accepted response to… which suggested that PHP_INT_SIZE = 4 indicates 32 bit but not necessarily reliable I suppose. –  Guambra feo Nov 11 '13 at 12:35

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The problem was fixed by adding the break points to other parts of the code as it was not working when attached to the try clause. Additionally, here are some other tips that might be useful:

  1. Try using a programmatic breakpoint: xdebug_break();
  2. Check that if your php is 32bit then so is the version of Xdebug (or that they are both 64 bit).
  3. The xdebug remote host setting relates to the server IP address (so for local).
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"The xdebug remote host setting relates to the server IP address (so for local)." - What do you mean by this? I always thought we needed to put the ip of the connecting client here? –  stefgosselin Oct 29 '14 at 12:54

You need to configure the mapping between server path and local path in preferences / server

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