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I am trying to run some statistics on issues in redmine related to specific projects and specific sprints. I have been reading about the Redmine Rest API to get the values for all issues (in Java, C# etc.) and have not found any way to take out specific issues with a specific criteria.

What I want to do (either I can do it via the API or simply via getting a json-object and querying it) is to extract all issues that have a specified project-value AND a specified fixed_version-value.

Using either the API or the JSON (http://url/issues.json) I cannot write a specific query enough to only take out the issues related to the specified values, nor can I extract more than 100 values at a time.

Is there a way to access the values without having to go through all of the issues (7500+) and checking against these values using the Rest API?

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To list issues of a project with specified version, use this:

GET /projects/[project id]/issues.json?set_filter=1&fixed_version_id=[fixed version id]

You can add a limit parameter to increase amount of returned issues, but only to the highest available limit set in administration.

You can use page parameter for pagination. Total count of issues matching current filter, current offset and limit are returned in each response.

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As far as I could remember I tried to specify the fixed_version_id without result. But now it seems that it is working :) –  Sander Nov 12 '13 at 6:36
It seems fixed_version_id filter only works when you use the URL /projects/[project id]/issues.json, not when using /issues.json directly. –  fiddur Feb 16 at 8:48

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