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Greetings people,

My Windows Store game has been released for more than three weeks now, and I started getting crash reports. I could download the TriageDump.dmp file and have it opened in Visual Studio 2012, but it did not help much, I am constantly getting "No Debugging Information" error message when I click on "Debug with Native Only":

enter image description here

Also, the tool-tip on my Dashboard shows no information of the crashing function (could "Unknown" here mean inlined function or lambda expressions in concurrent::task?):

enter image description here

I would like to believe that I have done everything the way it should be done, of course I may be wrong. Here are some additional information that might be helpful in finding the issue:

  • It uses DirectX and written purely in C++ (without C# or XAML)
  • Project setting: C++\General\Debug Information Format = Program Database (/Zi)
  • Project setting: Linker\Debugging\Generate Debug Info = Yes (/DEBUG)
  • The game is made up of two native modules: Labyrinth.App.exe and Labyrinth.Core.dll
  • The generated APPXUPLOAD contains both APPX and APPXSYM files
  • The APPXSYM file contains both Labyrinth.App.pdb and Labyrinth.Core.pdb
  • I'm on x64 development machine, and the triagedump.dmp is for x86
  • I did click on "Include public symbol files, if any, to enable crash analysis for the app" when generating APPXUPLOAD file:

    enter image description here

Please let me know if you spotted the issue or suspected something that's wrong above. Thanks in advance for your help, guys! :)

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At the moment, I'm having the same problem. Visual studio even produces some error message like this: "a required library for managed minidump debugging, 'mscordacwks.dll', version 'x.x.x.xxxxx' could not be located". Having located such dll in my local machine, it does exist, however in newer version –  ThangDo Feb 25 '14 at 8:02
The very same problem here. MS had that working in the past though. –  Roman Pfneudl Mar 16 '14 at 9:43

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The very same problem here. MS had that working in the past though.

Actually if you still have the .appxsym around you can easily extract the .pdb out of that. The appxsym is just a .zip file it seems.

You can load these pdbs then as symbols after loading the triagedump.dmp.

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