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I am new to jquery UI so I am not sure what is happening in my code. In my form, there are 3-4 selectmenus which are hidden. When we select one radio button, one selectmenu is visible and similarly others also are shown by clicking other options. Now on submit of the form, I am trying to iterate through all these selectmenus and check if all have values selected or not. Based on that I have to display error messages. For that I have written the below code which works for the first selectmenu in the page. But when I select a value from the second selectmenu, the values are not getting overwritten. The first selectmenu valus itself is getting displayed. Is there any property or attribute of the selectmenu I need to change. can somebody please help me understand this?


    maxHeight: 300,
    transferClasses: true


<select id="test" name="test" class="required class1 class2" title="Please select to continue.">


$('#submit_form').submit(function() {
    var ddreturn = true;
    var inputVal = "";
    $('#merchant_form .required').filter(':visible').each(function () {
        inputVal = $(".required option:selected").val();
        var input = $(this);
        alert(input.val()); -- always gives me empty
        alert("input "+inputVal);
        $(".ui-selectmenu").removeClass( "correct" );
        $(".ui-selectmenu").removeClass( "highlight" );
        if (!input.val()) {
            $(".ui-selectmenu").addClass( "highlight" );
            var $msg = input.attr('title'); 
            $(".ui-selectmenu").after('<ul class="error"><li>'+$msg+'</li></ul>');.
            firstSel= true;
            ddreturn = false;
        if(inputVal && firstSel == true){
            $(".ui-selectmenu").addClass( "correct" );
            ddreturn = true;
            ddreturn = true;
    return ddreturn;

In the above code also there are couple of issues.

  1. Actually inputVal should not be used. Since input.val() always gives me null I am using inputVal which gives the value which is selected.

  2. Since input.val() is empty, I am not getting the title attribute also input.attr('title');

  3. Everything else in the above code works fine for the first selectmenu But when I select the next selectmenu, inputVal is still holds the value which is selected for the first one and so even if the I did not select anything from the second dropdown, the ddreturn is always true and the form is getting submitted because of this.

Since its a very old application there are lots of code which is being used. So not sure which is causing the problem. I am really going crazy with this. Can some body help me figure out this? Really I don't know how to take this forward.

Do I need to add --- $(this).selectmenu("refresh"); in the selectmenu code? I have been checking for this and read that for the selected value to get reflected we have to call selectmenu("refresh").

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could you provide a jsFiddle? (jsfiddle.net) –  Mr.Manhattan Nov 11 '13 at 13:32
Hi Manhattan. If I create a standalone code, it works fine.But if I use the same code in my application, it gives the above issues. The above pieces of code is from application for selectmenu and html. I have added the submit functionality. But its not working properly. Does the selectmenu retains any previous value? Is there anything like that? –  user1049057 Nov 11 '13 at 16:28
well, if the standalone code is working, it should also work in a bigger context. are there any other methods interfering the code? you could try and use native javascript to get the value (since input.val() always gives you null (no idea why)) so you could try this.value instead input.val() –  Mr.Manhattan Nov 12 '13 at 8:01
also to your question if you need the refresh method: only if you change the value programmatically, as far as i know –  Mr.Manhattan Nov 12 '13 at 8:10

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