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I'm having an issue setting an enum column type in MySQL. The column value will be a namespaced classname, such as Accounts\Private.

The whitelisted values should be Accounts\Private and Accounts\Merchant.

Enum seems to be removing the \ from the whitelisted values. Using a double blackslash \\ doesn't work either.

Oddly, adding three blackslashes \\\ causes two backslashes to show.

What am I missing? I'm using Laravel and establishing a polymorphic relationship, which requires the classnames to be namespaced.

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Laravel requires the account_id (integer) and account_type (string) keys to determine what kind of model the child model belongs to. I was hoping to use enum to whitelist account_types. I can just use a standard string otherwise. The mentioned link isn't really appropriate to this use case as we're bound by Laravel conventions. –  Matthew Ruddy Nov 11 '13 at 15:36
@MatthewRuddy did you ever figure out a way to use MySQL's enum with Laravel's polymorphic relationships? I was actually just researching this exact problem and would like to avoid using varchar if it is possible. –  Cato Minor Jul 20 at 11:57
@MatthewRuddy Actually, now that I look around, it looks like the best idea may be not to encounter this problem at all by setting a $morphClass in the models and, thus, avoiding namespaces with backslashes in the DB at all. See stackoverflow.com/questions/19881963/… –  Cato Minor Jul 20 at 12:21

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