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I am using Sitefinity 5.2. I need to add a user control to two places in the backend interface. I need to add one to the page editor (accessed on existing pages though Actions - Edit - Titles & Properties), and also on the property page for Documents & Files (accessed on existing pages though Actions - Edit Properties).

Everything I have found so far just misses. I know how to add custom properties via simple controls to those forms, and I found articles on how to modify the toolbar on the content editor page, and even how to add my own controls to any backend page accessible through the main backend nav. I can't, however, find anything spelling out how to do specifically what I am trying to do.

Being able to get so close tells me there must be a way to do what I am trying to do. The options for adding custom fields, for instance under Settings - Advanced - ContentView - Controls - FrontendPages - Views - FrontendPageCreate - Sections - MainSection - Fields are numerous but I can't find documentation on any of them. I keep thinking that one of them will allow me to add a user control to the form.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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