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Here is the link, at first load it will load All the images, and then after a second it will disappear and display the correct images, kinda weird behavior. I want my Isotope to load the images under UX category by default. Here's my code.

        var mycontainer = jQuery('#projects');
                filter: '.ux',
                animationOptions: {
                    duration: 700,
                    easing: 'easeOutQuad',
                    queue: false,

            jQuery('#projects-filter a').click(function(){
            jQuery('#projects-filter a.active').removeClass('active');
            var selector = jQuery(this).attr('data-filter');
            mycontainer.isotope({ filter: selector });
            return false;

              jQuery('li[class^="filter-cat-"] a').click( function(e) {
                var classes = jQuery(this).attr('class').split(' ');
                $.each(classes, function(index, value) {
                if ( value.indexOf('filter-cat-') != -1 ) {
                        var slug = value.replace('filter-cat-', '');

                        jQuery('#projects').isotope({ filter: '.' + slug });
                        return false;


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