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I'm having trouble selecting from a database in PSQL. This is the output of the table I'm interested in. Can someone decipher the access priveleges for me? I know that arwdRxt means append,read,write,etc... The syntax is confusing to me, what exactly do the slashes and equals mean in the access privileges column? Please let me know if my question isn't clear.

                    Access privileges
 schema |     name      | type |    access privileges    
 public | table_name    | view | amazonuser=arwdRxt/amazonuser+
        |               |      | readonly=r/amazonuser
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It is described in detail in the [docs]. The thing before the = is who has those permissions, the thing after the / is who granted those permissions.


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Thanks. I was confused by the "who granted those permissions" part of the output (I read right over it in the doc), –  user2588667 Nov 11 '13 at 17:59

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