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I am a C# developer, I have been looking at regular expressions (regex) and wanted to know if anyone knows about useful tools for building regular expressions - like a regex query builder?

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Thanks astander... those are great – Mark Pearl Jan 2 '10 at 11:40
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Have a look at

You should be able to find a lot more for your validation

c# regex builder

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I just nabbed Expresso. Looks pretty useful. – MadMAxJr Jan 14 '10 at 16:04

I think, greatest regex editor is gskinner. It provides a lot of extremely useful options. At least for my cases.

Also it has dictionary about majority of regex expressions and has beatiful tips, when the pointer is hovering above the snippet of your regex.

I found it the most appropriate regex editor.

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Check regexlib.com if you want an online option.

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Also worthy of mention are Regex Buddy and Regex Magic - the latter being ideal if you really want to hide from the pain. :-)

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And there is also the "headache relief for programmers :: regular expression generator", http://txt2re.com/

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A good online tester that I regularly use is Derek Slagers: link. It doesn't have fancy highlighting and other features, but it does help a lot with developing/testing.

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RegexHelper is a Notepad++ plugin that lets you test regular expressions against open documents.

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http://refiddle.com lets you build and test regular expressions using a red => green TDD style development right in your browser. Has runners for JavaScript, .NET and Ruby.

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Emacs has an re-builder that's quite useful (if you're an Emacs user).

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