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I have 2 tables with same schema as

table1/table2 comprises of columns item_name and item_qty, sample data looks like

Sample data in table1

item_name    item_qty
item_0001    3
item_0002    7
item_0003    5
item_0004    4

Sample data in table2

item_name    item_qty
item_0003    15
item_0004    2

And now I need to combine these 2 tables as described here

Sample data in output
item_name    item_qty
item_0001    3
item_0002    7
item_0003    20
item_0004    6

How can i write query in hiveQL. Please suggest.

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SELECT T.item_name,SUM(T.item_qty) AS item_qty
SELECT item_name,item_qty
FROM table1
SELECT item_name,item_qty
FROM table2
) T
GROUP BY T.item_name;
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Based on How do I join two tables together that are in different databases, in Hive?

you should do something like this :
SELECT db1.table1.field1, db2.table2.field2
FROM db1.table1 alias1
INNER JOIN db2.table2 alias2 ON alias1.field1 = alias2.field2
INNER JOIN alias2, db.table3

hope it helps.

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