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$tags = $tagService->tagList();
$categories = $categoryService->categoryList();
$sidebarData = $smarty->createData();
$sidebarData->assign("tags", $tags);
$sidebarData->assign("categories", $categories);
$sidebarHtml = $smarty->fetch("sidebar.tpl", $sidebarData);


I want assign $sidebarHtml to another Template, bu it seems dosen't work, I can get $sidebarHtml, through:
I need $tags and $categories for 'sidebar.tpl'
$smarty->fetch("sidebar.tpl", $sidebarData);
the $sidebarData is undefined

how to deal in this case

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This page: http://www.smarty.net/docs/en/api.is.cached.tpl

Shows this example:

if(!$smarty->isCached('index.tpl')) {
// do database calls, assign vars here


So in your case you should put the fetch after the closing } of the iscached's if.

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yes I know, but which method "display()" called need parameter $sidebarData,$sidebarData is in if(...){... ...} –  ipenglei Jan 5 at 2:29

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