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So I don't have resharper I think the command was like ctrl+shift+t. When I want to search files I use ctrl+ comma. The search box pops up and then I start typing. But the built in preview just grabs whatever I have typed and opens the file. Even though I am still typing. So I am trying to open a file report_vaccine, but I only get out report and the preview has opened the first selected report. It has pretty much rendered this form of quick file searching useless. Which is a huge bummer because we have hundreds of procs and scrolling through and manually finding the file is a huge pain. If there is a way to turn off preview I would be fine with that. This command working properly is waaay more important to me than a preview of the file to be opened. Thanks I would greatly appreciate the help.

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ahh the initial 'so' –  niico Sep 7 '14 at 8:22

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From the menu go to Tools -> Options then navigate to Environment -> Tabs and Windows and uncheck the Preview Tab checkboxes.

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Awesome dude thank you. –  DeadlyChambers Nov 11 '13 at 19:55
In particular, the check box that affects the behavior of the Ctrl+comma search box is "Preview selected files in Navigate To" –  dcstraw Jan 21 at 18:11

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