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I am using code::blocks. I set up the MSVC compiler(downloaded the MSVC Express 2010 Compiler and then added SDK directories). The project does compile, however when I try to debug it ingores the breakpoints I set. If I go Settings->Compiler->Toolchain Executables, the chosen Compiler is GDB/CDB : Default. I guess the problem is gdb cannot debug msvc code. But how do I add a ne debugger? In Settings->Debugger there is only one option of GDB/CDB compiler and I cannot add new one. I tried adding additional directories, but it doesn't help. So how do I make it work? thanks

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It's in Settings/Debugger and not in in Settings/Compiler/Toolchain Executables.

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Got the same problem... I set path for cdb in code::blocks, ensured that the compiler added debug info, did everything I found on google (set Symbol Path to some weird stuff as described here:,8454.msg63355.html#msg63355 and here: - and still nothing. I didnt have any errors in debuger log, but it still wouldn't work. Finally - EUREKA:

Breakpoints could not work if the path/folder you've placed your project contains spaces or other special characters. To be safe use English letters, digits and '_'.

After changing " " to "_" in directory names - everything works fine. And I lost only 5 hours for that...

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