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Is there any way to call the newer PUBSUB methods (http://redis.io/commands/pubsub) short of forking the BookSleeve repo? Everywhere I look I hit a dead end. For example, to call "PUBSUB CHANNELS", in looking at RedisConnectionBase, I could call ExecuteMultiString myself but that's set to internal. I could do what that method does and build up a MessageResultMultiString and call EnqueueMessage, but both of those are also marked internal.

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The only reason this doesn't exist is that it is new in 2.8, and the latest "stable" is 2.6.16. I can add it to the roadmap, though.

For now, you could probably use .Scripting.Eval to issue this as LUA.

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Ah, great workaround. Thanks, Marc! Sorry I didn't realize 2.8 was still an RC. If it would save you some time, I was thinking about throwing it into booksleeve and submitting a pull request...? –  Tim Schmidt Nov 12 '13 at 14:02
@Tim it isn't on git - but on the plus side - it's also probably about 5 lines of code (untested) –  Marc Gravell Nov 12 '13 at 14:03

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