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I have been using an NSDictionary to store my JSON response. Now I tried to store them inside an array, so I can iterate over each values.

I used: valueForKeyPath and now each of those values are inside an NSArray.

The problem is instead of returning self.myarray.count (3), I only get (1). It wrote the NSDictionary Keys into myarray at Index 0. So I have an Array inside myarray at Index 0 containing values (2,5,3).

Is there a way to quickly fix this and putting this like: index 0 : 2 , index 1: 5 , index 2: 3

and not index 0 : (2,5,3)?

Thanks I am still learning Obj-C.

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Show the code and log of the data structure – Wain Nov 11 '13 at 20:42
I added valueForKeypath:@"@unionOfArrays... Now it does it automatically!! Thanks for the Post Coda.… – zer02 Nov 11 '13 at 20:47

As I understand you have perform something like following: [self.myarray addObject: dict.keys];

Use following instead: self.myarray = dict.keys;

If you do this only because you want to iterate over each value you could do the same with dictionary: for(id key in dict) or for(id key in dict.keys) iterates over each key. for(id value in dict.values) iterates over each value.

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